Kompex SQLite Wrapper for C++ - Documentation

Doxygen Documentation

The Kompex SQLite Wrapper has a doxygen documentation, which describes every available method.
There are a lot important information about return values and usable parameters.
You can use the online documentation or you can download the documentation under the download section.

Open the documentation:
Kompex SQLite Wrapper Documentation

The wrapper contains only 4 powerful main classes.

This class is responsible for the read and write access to the database.
You can create a database or open it in read only or write mode.
The class contains all important functions relating the database.

The important exception class give you the possibility to catch all thrown exceptions.
The class give you detailed information (filename, line numer and error description),
so that it is very easy to locate and solve the problem.

It is the main class for the derrived classes CerrRedirection and CoutRedirection.
The derrived classes can redirect the std::count and std::cerr stream into a log file.
For example: the Show() method of the KompexSQLiteException class logs every exception
to the std::cerr stream. If you program a tool which is not a console project you can easily
redirect the whole std::cerr stream into a log file with only one line of code.

This is the most important class. You can execute SELECT, UPDATE, CREATE, DELETE and
TRANSACTION commands. Furthermore you can use a lot of aggregate functions
(COUNT, MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, TOTAL). Furthermore you can get some additional information
about tables and columns.